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  • Welcome to CIIC | 400-889-4545

    Pre-employment investigation

    Reference check is the process of collecting external information through legitimate means to verify the candidate’s personal information, including educational background, authenticity of academic degree, salary, reason for demission, violation records, which serves as important references for recruiting talents.

    CIIC reference check services can guarantee the maximum accuracy of recruitment, avoid risks and make up for loopholes in corporate recruitment to reduce unnecessary loss, making talents a major force to enhance corporate competitiveness in the market.

    Service content

    Basic information verification

    • ID card verification
    • Passport information verification
    • Permanent residence address verification

    Work experience verification

    • Job information verification
    • Job performance evaluation
    • 360-degree job performance evaluation

    Education verification

    • Highest education or degree verification
    • Qualification certificate/Practice license verification

    Cosy Business Travel Insurance

    • Violation record investigation
    • Insurance personnel violation verification
    • Verification on civil litigation record
    • Bribery file query
    • Verification on potential commercial conflict of interests
    • Traffic violation penalty points record
    • Financial personnel violation verification
    • Drug test

    Service advantages

    Good government resources with the background of a central enterprise

    With a central enterprise background, we have rich resources and channels for investigation, customized service, and standard operation process.

    Rigorous internal quality control system

    CIIC is accredited with ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System certification by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management System certification by DNV. The rigorous internal quality management process guarantees the accuracy and objectivity of the reference check.

    Professional service team

    After years of practical experience, our service team have developed proficient investigation techniques and accumulated abundant investigation experience and channels, achieving good reputation and satisfaction from customers.

    Contact us

    Please leave your contact information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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